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We rock the house!


This is soooo exciting! We totally got hired to be in a brand new music video! It’s not going to be on MTV or anything but in Venezuela it’s still a really big deal! It’s a local band trying to make it with a record label and they want to do a music video so they thought it would be really great to have a marvelous pair of twins in their video and from the way the people at the club were acting they were definitely right about that lmao! We got these really tight red rocker tops and our tiny denim mini skirts on to show off for the cameras for our own Spice Twins website… but if you see it in a Spanish language music video soon don’t be surprised hahaha! Of course the really sexy stuff they can’t put in their video, that kind of stuff can only be seen in our members area, so click the free tour link and see for yourself why so many music fans are excited about the spice twins movie scenes we have on our site! Click here to see more.

Two is always better than one!


Hi! We’re Hailey and Ashley to twin teens who know how to tease and please you boyz lol. We see the way men look at us when they walk by us on the sidewalk outside our favorite stores. It’s always a double-take where they can’t believe there are two of us at first and then when it finally sinks in you chaps always get that same OMG look on your faces… Hailey always laughs when I show her my jaw-dropping imitation of the expressions. Today we did a photo set with these totally awesome new party dresses we picked up downtown. She went with the Pink for spring time and I chose white because I’m so innocent *NOT*! If you haven’t seen our site yet you really are missing out because the sexiest pics and movie scenes of me and my twin sister are all inside there waiting for you! Click here to see more.

I Fucked Both His Sisters

Fuck Both My Sisters
When Demon brought his youngest sister Thena to me after she dented the tank on his Harley, I was more than happy to fuck the skinny teen slut and help her earn a few bucks to pay off the repairs. What I didn’t know at the time was the sick fucker Demon had another younger sister – and the older of the two, Kiri, had just screwed up his $1,300 turntable. Now as a DJ, Demon makes his living with his turntables and this stupid cunt threw a party at his house and one of her “friends” wrecked the thing. Demon needs her to pay now and the poor little slut is poor as a church mouse. And just like a church cheap jerseys nfl mouse, this little slut cheap mlb jerseys would rather fuck than work.

Now, Kiri is a bit taller than her younger sister Thena but has the same perky tits, flat tummy, and sweet fuckable pussy. One more thing – Kiri really likes big cocks! It wasn’t hard to talk this sexy teen slut into making her first amateur porn video – even if her brother was filming it – she just found it cool to be able to fuck for money. By the time she got done sucking my cock, her pussy was so wet that I was able to ram my hard cock wholesale jerseys all the way in on the first stroke.

The slutty bitch moaned as I fucker her every way to Sunday but when I put her on top, she went crazy – riding my hard cock like we cheap jerseys nfl were at the rodeo – lucky for me, she stayed on a bit longer than 8 seconds. Actually, I think we fucked for a bit more than 30 minutes cheap jerseys China before I blew my hot sticky cum all over this nasty cunt’s flat teen tummy. She giggled and asked if she could come back and make another porn movie with me.

Of course, I told her – as long as you “Bring Me Your Sister

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