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We rock the house!


This is soooo exciting! We totally got hired to be in a brand new music video! It’s not going to be on MTV or anything but in Venezuela it’s still a really big deal! It’s a local band trying to make it with a record label and they want to do a music video so they thought it would be really great to have a marvelous pair of twins in their video and from the way the people at the club were acting they were definitely right about that lmao! We got these really tight red rocker tops and our tiny denim mini skirts on to show off for the cameras for our own Spice Twins website… but if you see it in a Spanish language music video soon don’t be surprised hahaha! Of course the really sexy stuff they can’t put in their video, that kind of stuff can only be seen in our members area, so click the free tour link and see for yourself why so many music fans are excited about the spice twins movie scenes we have on our site! Click here to see more.

Happy New Year!


We want to bring in the new year with marvelous lingerie! One of us is the innocent twin and one the naughty one, can you guess who? We just love to wear charming lacy lingerie because it feels so nice against our body and makes us feel really glamorous. How does it make you feel when you look at two twins standing right next to each other in high heels and lacy corsets? Hope this makes you want to bring in the new year! Click here to see more!

Matching Bra and Panties


We forgot our swimsuits when we lay out by the pool the other day so we decided to just strip down in our bra and panties. And of course our bra and panties were matching as well. You have to have twins that also have twin underwear hehe. We had some fans that were laying out by the pool and they were admiring our huge ass and making whistling at us and of course we made sure to give them a show! Click here to see more.